Album Review

Written by Alex Alicia Media

For Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

Following on from ‘Tokyo Assault’ a five track EP which sold 1,000 copies the Japanese self-promoted band, Rise of The North Star are back with an album fit for thrash metal categorising. This somewhat newcomer five piece know just how to mix contemporary metal with the likes of nineties New York hard-core. Of course this is done through their music combined with heavy hard hitting lyrics and similar Angus Young influenced, school uniform imagery; although with their own spin wearing Gakurans (the Japanese school uniform) to play live shows. With lead vocalist Vithia forever having a shadow cast over his identity, this certainly isn’t the case with the album.

Opening track ‘What the fuck’ allows the audience to see just how much angst this band have and how capable they are as a unit to create music worthy of a listen from the offset. However on this particular track the introduction seems misleading in the direction the band wants to go too musically with this album. Using what could be a brilliant classic rock opening guitar solo on a later heavy thrash tune allows the song title to basically speak for itself.

With this being said ‘Welcame’ is certainly an album worth top marks for effort. In a genre of music that is already heavily influenced it can be difficult for newcomers to put their own spin on a record without any gimmicks however this isn’t the case for ROTNS with obvious chemistry and apparent flair for creativity as the choice of lyric shows. The subject matters expressed with constant swearing and powerful vocals sums up the albums purpose brilliantly and show’s us just what this new school thrash band can do.

Again and Again’ stands out for me as the track that sets this band apart from typically soothing to the ears kind of songs and is in fact like all eleven tracks, the polar opposite taking a stand for the industry of thrash metal music. The opening sound followed by piercing yet organised noise demonstrates this perfectly and with that description in mind sets the tone for what this album appears to be which is in fact, as I have said, organised noise.

As the album continues with tracks such as ‘Bosozoku’ and the ending track especially ‘Blast ‘Em All’ it certainly isn’t lacking the well pieced musicianship and excellent guitar solos from Evangelion Brice and Mazing Erwan summing up what could be an album of pure satisfaction for a thrash metal follower.


Genre: Thrash Metal

Independent Release