Written by Alex Alicia Media

Electus are the new upcoming Hard Rockers of our generation and they are here with their brand new album release entitled ‘The Dark’. Featuring 10 tracks of classic Rock N Roll there’s certainly something to look forward to from this band and their future products.

Opening with an intro song ‘Shelter’ we hear the capabilities of this 4 piece. Not requiring vocals and having a vocalist with a rhythm guitar makes for an outstanding effort from all involved in this line-up. I was interested to hear such epic guitar sounds from Ross Kane accompanied by vocalist Russell Peake on rhythm. Together they work an excellent pairing and create something that tells the story of the album from the offset. This isn’t always a common thing to have an instrumental as the first track but bands such as ‘Queensryche’ are all for it and it’s certainly something popular at the minute, hats off to this band.

‘The Dark’ has something a little more than Hard Rock to give and instead offers a somewhat Grunge appeal. I hear the different styles layered over one another throughout this entire album. Russell Peake has the vocal similarities of Scott Weiland when he was previously involved in ‘Velvet Revolver’ and this adds a little something different to Electus in a good way and separates them from all the Hard Rock bands out there both past and present.

A stand out track for me was the 4th listed ‘Just for one Night’ again the appeal being the guitar efforts. Those gripping intros are definitely something that grab you from the beginning and I believe with the heavy bass line and catchy drum beats this band have produced a good album with plenty of potential showing off just exactly what they can do.

Overall, there is a definite flowing musicality and I am a fan of the entire vibe of the album. ‘The Dark’ does have its dark parts and in a good way, this is a Hard Rock band after all.

What you hear is what you get and with each song having a pretty similar layout, if this is your kind of thing then it’s definitely an album that would suffice.

Alex Alicia Media 7/10

Genre: Hard Rock

Meet the Band:

Russell Peake (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar)

Dan Smith (Bass Guitar)

Mick Hales (Drums)

Ross Kane (Lead Guitar)