Written by Alex Alicia Media

With almost 7,000 likes on Facebook its obvious NG26 aren’t a band short of a following. This was no surprise to me when I first heard their new album ‘Until My Heart Stops’. Consisting of diverse sounds and epic harmonious talent I think this new album is well worth the listen. On par musically with some of the biggest and well known Rock, Metal and Alternative bands from the likes of Alter Bridge, Metallica and Papa Roach I can honestly say NG26 are still doing it for British Rock N Roll.

Opening track entitled ‘Never enough’ allows each member of this band to have their moment and show off how far they have come and improved since their last album ‘Open Your Mind’ in 2011. Fading out with a scream I sensed immediately the direction genre wise they wished to take this time around. I always think that a hint of diversity throughout an album makes for an interesting and riveting listen as you don’t know entirely what to expect, drawing in the listeners with suspense is exactly what NG26 seem to be very good at.

This being an in your face alternative album means that you can definitely hear the influences but not the cliché copying of their heroes. It’s great to see a band developing their own style rather than pursuing music as a carbon copy. I particularly liked the idea of having a groovy bass, intricate guitar and massive drum beats to keep the album interesting for the fans throughout. With simple lyrics that are still memorable, cool guitar riffs and shredding solos, this album really has what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Even though the entire album is something to be proud of, I would like to draw attention to what I believe is a stand out track for these guys. ‘Save it for me’ is number 3 on the track listing and I particularly enjoyed the rock edge that guitarist Rich Shaw brought to this song. It certainly is a good route to go down for this band as the Rock scene seems to suit the entire bands style proving to be a success and maybe even a potential single.

I would’ve liked to hear way more powerhouse vocals over the majority of this album just like we get a taste for in the opening track. As this particular song approaches the two minute mark I begin to really appreciate the talent. The ideas are great, each instrument compliments the other and this credit obviously goes to the guy who’s playing it. The structure of this makes for a song that could be a fan’s favourite.

I noticed that the album does get progressively heavier as it goes on with other tracks such as ‘Afterlife’ building and drawing the listener in. Holier than Thou Records really have struck gold with this band because even still I feel like the best is yet to come. I feel like I’m waiting for the gap between the genres to narrow and the contrast between the singing style of Chris and the playing style of the band to finally become one unit. However the variety makes for an interesting listen that not only followers of this band will enjoy but music lovers from various generations too.

One point I would unfortunately have to make would be that I feel vocally this album needs more aggression and power to match the capabilities of the heavier band sections. I agree that the softer material should still remain in the album as this is appropriate but this can only work and be achieved if the entire band is on the same wavelength in regards to musical direction.

NG26 fans, if you haven’t already, get this gem and definitely add it to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

Alex Alicia Media 7/10


Label: Holier Than Thou Records

Release Date: 27th April 2015

Line Up:

Rob Shaw – bass & Bass Bvox
Chris Topley – Lead Vocals
Jon Topley – Drums & Percussion
Rich Shaw – Guitar (also with Cradle of Filth)