Alex Alicia Media Interviews Planet Rock’s breakfast show host; PAUL ANTHONY!


This interview was filmed at the beginning of lock-down (UK).


Paul at Ramblin’ Man Festival


Are you a fan of rock n’ metal music? Love listening to Planet Rock radio? Then you’ll certainly enjoy watching this interview with PR breakfast show presenter, Mr Paul Anthony! Paul has worked within the rock music industry for over 35 years and has interviewed some of the biggest names in rock, among having many other incredibly notable achievements in radio, TV, and the wide media spectrum thus far. We sat down via Zoom to discuss lock-down for grassroots musicians and music venues, a fun career in radio, and so much more!

Special thanks to Paul Anthony at Planet Rock for taking part in this interview.


Twitter: @PaulAnthonyRocks

Instagram: @paulanthonyrockofficial


Music: ‘All I Want’ by Roadstar (All copyright to the artist and label). ‘She’s Got the Look’ by Roxette (All copyright to the artist and label). ‘Under the Graveyard’ by Ozzy Osbourne (All copyright to the artist and label). ‘How Far We’ve Come’ by Matchbox 20 (All copyright to the artist and label).

Official Planet Rock recording of Last In Line and Paul Anthony at Planet Rockstock 2019, courtesy of Planet Rock via YouTube.