BLACK LAKES talk music & more, plus WILL shows off his expert drawing skills!


Interview written and presented by Alex Alicia Media



Black Lakes (Promo Image)



Last week, I was joined on Zoom by the awesome alt/metal rockers, BLACK LAKES, to talk all things new music, including; new single Deathrone, why the band believe in the ‘GO PRO, OR GO HOME’ ethos, and so much more!


PLUS, get an exclusive look at the original design plan for their brand new music video!


I hope you guys enjoy watching!


Special thanks to: Black Lakes Official

Special thanks to participants: Will, Scott, and James


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Music: ‘Deathrone’ by Black Lakes, ‘When The Party’s Over (cover)’ by Black Lakes, ‘The Divide’ by Black Lakes, ‘Break The Silence’ by Black Lakes, ‘Ghosts’ by Black Lakes. All music and featured footage is courtesy of Black Lakes. All copyright to the artist and label.
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