Joe Bonamassa’s A NEW DAY NOW

(20th Anniversary Edition)


Album Review




Written by Alex Alicia Media


Release date: 7 August 2020
Label: J&R Adventures
PR: Mascot Label Group (Special thanks to Michael Bryant)


Bringing vintage works to life; A New Day Now (20th Anniversary Edition), released on 7 August 2020 via J&R Adventures, is a collection of re-mixed, re-mastered, and re-sung tracks by blues-rock icon Joe Bonamassa, and is produced by legend, Kevin Shirley. Originally a ten-track record from a then baby Bonamassa, fans can now get re-enthused over a new and improved rendition in celebration of his success in music, and most-notably to pay tribute to the original album, A New Day Yesterday producer, Tom Dowd. 


In a recent message to fans, Bonamassa stated his reasoning for re-creating his debut album:


 ‘I never felt like I deserved a guy like Tom Dowd to produce my first album. I was an infant as far as being an artist. Tom saw a little pebble in a stream, that could travel down and eventually become this nugget of gold, if you want to call it that, and he had a vision for me that I didn’t see. I appreciate that and I wanted to pay tribute to him as a man who mentored me through that time.’ 


He then added: 

‘I hope you guys enjoy it.’


Differing slightly in musical direction, and ultimately in fandom to his former 2020 release with the Sleep Eazy’s [read my review here], we hear a throwback if you will to Joe’s original contributions to the blues music scene in terms of songwriting and singing style. Now a vanguard of his chosen musical genre, Bonamassa brings his experience, talent, and charismatic guitar playing on a full-circle journey down memory lane, also featuring 3 brand new bonus tracks entitled; Hey Mona, I Want You, and Line of Denial.


A New Day Yesterday album artwork from the year 2000.


It sounds great, is produced well, and comes highly-recommended – so everything you’d expect in a blues album exists in this one, and it ticks all the right boxes! For those of you who may be wondering why re-purchasing an essentially older album is worthwhile though, look no further than my continued album review…


Joe Bonamassa is endearing in this rendition of an already successful record. It’s cheeky, showy, oozes character, and simply is the blues. It’s Bonamassa in another light, and although it doesn’t necessarily come across as a serious album, isn’t dark or dramatic, isn’t entirely new or raw, what it does have is style and a whole lot of personality! If you’re a BB King, Jimmy Barnes, or Eric Clapton fan you’ll certainly enjoy this album for what it is – its super cool, super chill, and an enjoyable listen. 


Track 5, Miss You Hate You, is sure to please the listener if you’re a fan of crossing genres to create an unexpected sound for a musician like Joe, who let’s face it, we’d expect to purely deliver famous 12 bar blues scales and typically fitting chord progressions. However, from the offset, this song delivers the softer, slower country music vibes, heavily supported by perfectly simple Bonamassa vocals, with the beautiful addition of female harmonies, before finishing and fading with a brooding yet energetic solo which is effortlessly delivered. 


Joe Bonamassa live.


In comparison, Colour and Shape is upbeat, consistent with the narrative of the album, and even gives us a taste of that live music setting that we’re all missing at the moment due to COVID-19 by leaving the mic open to chat before the music kicks in. Something we’re familiar with in JB’s live studio sessions with the likes of Beth Hart and Jimmy Barnes, as seen on YouTube. 


Fans of the blues assemble! Get out to your local music shops and grab your copy today… you won’t be disappointed.


A New Day Now (20th Anniversary Edition) Promo Video:




Track Listing: 

1. Cradle Rock
2. Walk In My Shadows
3. A New Day Yesterday
4. I Know Where I Belong
5. Miss You, Hate You
6. Nuthin’ I Wouldn’t Do (For A Woman Like You)
7. Colour And Shape
8. Headaches And Heartbreaks (remixing)
9. Troubled Waiting
10. If Heartaches Were Nickels (remixing)
11. Current Situation
12. Don’t Burn Down That Bridge
13. Hey Mona
14. I Want You
15. Line Of Denial


Image Credits:

A New Day Now album artwork: Special thanks to Mascot Label Group
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A New Day Now Promo Video: Special thanks to JoeBonamassaTV via YouTube