‘American Hollow’

Album Review

Written by Alex Alicia Media

For Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

These somewhat story-tellers from North Carolina bring us a six track debut album that brilliantly mixes country and doom to certainly leave you feeling in good spirits.

American Hollow’ is an album with a laid back guitar groove, slick song riffs and hard hitting percussion sections. It almost feels like you’re being transported back to Asheville NC with well pieced together musical structures and soothing choices of lyric. Which brings me onto the point that this record is mainly instrumental driven with bare minimum vocals throughout, however, this is what makes it so brilliant. The song ‘Man’s Worth’ stands out as a key track for me in captivating the listener with its slightly haunting yet raw and soulful, true grit feel, effortlessly capturing the musicianship of this band.

This album has a little bit of everything with ‘Shake the soot from your boots’ seeming to have a more blues rock vibe similar to that of Rival Sons with an also similar vocal. I get a sense of simple yet meaningful creativity when listening to this album as it has just enough melodic repetitive riffs, long introductions and faded out instrumentals for a progressive masterpiece. Well-made to suit not just one particular music listener, ‘American hollow’ proves to be the album that’ll suffice if you’re wanting some epic, chill out rock with good vibes whilst you cruise in the car with your hair blowing in the wind. You won’t be disappointed.



Genre: Americana/Stoner Metal/Post Rock

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