Album Review: DEED IN KARMA


‘Good Dog’

Album Review

Written by Alex Alicia Media

For Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

Supported by hard rock vocals, strong guitar layers and a very tight rhythm section, i can guarantee that the new Danish rocker’s Deed in Karma bring you an album very much on par with the American music tradition of the nineties and noughties. Debut ‘Good Dog’ produced by Jacob Hansen of previous projects including acts like Volbeat, Dune and Pretty Maids is most certainly an album as they describe ‘slow cooked hard rock’. It becomes apparent from the first drum beat in ‘I ain’t crawling’ followed by the 40 second intro that Deed in Karma are a band with a tight musical unit capable of making a listener, in terms of Rock N’ Roll, head bang. Next the voice of Jonas Kasper Holmberg that very much reminds me of Scott Weiland (Former Velvet Revolver) allows the listener to really appreciate his vocal rasp that ties this band together through the short but sweet acappella sections.

If your style is rock music with a catchy riff, then this album is worth the listen and you may as well read on. As you get further through, tracks such as ‘War and I’ and ‘No Answer’ show a slightly more melodic side to the album and leave you reading into the lyric on a more personal level. It becomes apparent that this isn’t a band with just one source for influence and that in actual fact they look to all areas for sound inspiration. On a more hard rock level their single ‘Stray Dog’ complete in my opinion with a somewhat southern country vibe video has just enough flair to make this a good album that might make you want September 1st to come round a little quicker. However very much like the Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains, it’s nothing that we haven’t heard before yet, you always want more.


Genre: Alternative Rock/Grunge/Hard Rock

Target Records

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