An Interview with Sheffield-based, alt-metal rockers,


In this episode, Sheffield-based alt-metal rockers, SHADOW SMILE, hang out with me on Zoom to discuss a whole lot of music stuff and more! Watch them explain the meaning behind their dark and powerful brand-new single, ‘Nameless’, including the songs origins, and its LA connections direct from frontman, Connor McGovern. Hear/watch what music means to them, how they got their start as musicians, life as a band during the pandemic, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!



Watch the interview with SHADOW SMILE below:


Special thanks to Connor and Ciaran of Shadow Smile.
Special thanks to Duncan at Plug, Promote and Play PR.
Music: ‘Nameless’ by Shadow Smile, ‘Marionette’ by Shadow Smile. All rights to the artist and label.
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