BLACK SPIDERS frontman, PETE SPIBY talks ‘Good Times’, Deaf Proof, Game of Thrones, and the new album

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PRESTATYN, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 4: Pete Spiby from Black Spiders, live on stage at Hard Rock Hell 2009, Prestatyn Sands, Wales, December 4, 2009. (Photo by Kevin Nixon/Metal Hammer Magazine/Future via Getty Images/Team Rock via Getty Images)

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I was joined by the wonderful frontman/guitarist, Pete Spiby of the UK’s hard-rock band, BLACK SPIDERS to talk about all things music and so much more! Watch Pete discuss the brand new EP, forthcoming album, and their latest single ‘Good Times’, as well as, his connections to the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones (GOT), and his perspective of being in rock n’ roll band!


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