Live Gig Report

The Gryphon, Bristol

Written by Alex Alicia Media


Saturday 12 October 2019 was another great night for rock as The Gryphon, situated on Colston Street, hosted yet another amazing, triple bill line-up in their teeny, tiny venue rated one of the best in Bristol City Centre.

The night kicked off at the standard time of around 7:30pm and it was Bristol based thrash metal group, Diviion, who had the crowd bouncing from the first strum of their guitars. Going down a storm with a sold out audience, they really set the pace for headliner, The Generals and second to the stage hard rock band, The Land Captains.

Originally the line-up also featured hard core, death metal band, Sepulchre, who hail from Swansea South Wales, however they had to pull out due to work commitments said a source from the team at the venue.

The Gryphon, who pride themselves on being a tiny corner pub, serving real ales on tap with a heavy metal soundtrack and live bands upstairs, are a 50 capacity music venue with a whole lot of tightknit, good time vibes and this was certainly the case on Saturday.

When asked his thoughts on their particular performance and set list, Land Captains guitarist, Hugo Bowman responded: “I think the crowd weren’t ready for us. They were definitely a metal crowd and we (pause) aren’t metal! Our opening song, Why the Weather, and closer, Automatic, however seemed to have a good effect, as well as, surprisingly, our eight minute progressive epic, Half Measures.”

The Land Captains onstage at The Gryphon.
Photo by Alex Alicia Media


Having been offered yet another Gryphon support slot after a successful show on Saturday 21 September 2019 supporting tribute band, Altered Bridge, it seemed The Land Captains were thrilled to be back on stage again in front of a hot and sweaty, rocking Bristol crowd. Their set list was energetic, diverse and had elements of comedy that went down a storm with the Generals audience. Their song order was as follows: Intro, Why the Weather, Burn the World, Half Measures, Confessions, Banana Phone, Delta and their first and only single, Automatic – which has had various air plays on Planet Rock radio in recent months.

Swedish death metal, hard rockers, The Generals were a different side to the coin however as they emerged onto the stage at their headline show in darker than dark outfits and swinging hair that swooshed all over the place. Along with powerful riffs, heavy chugs and the thrash-y, metal vibe it suggests on the tin. Although not to my particular music taste, the band didn’t fail to capture my undivided attention and put on a good show. They continue their UK tour this autumn. Catch them at a live music venue near you.

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