The Dirty Youth

Gold Dust

Album Review

Written by Alex Alicia Media

For The Midlands Rocks Webzine


Returning to the Alternative music scene this year are Welsh Rockers The Dirty youth. With plenty of experience in the performing field after touring around the UK at various Festivals and supporting some of the biggest names in the industry such as Bruce Springsteen and Korn, it’s now time for us to hear their latest project, new album Gold Dust.

The Dirty Youth bring us their brand new highly anticipated album complete with 11 tracks including their newest single ‘The One’. This time around fans can expect a sound that is new, fresh and exciting. Staying true to themselves they know what works well and this album is one to really show off their musical capabilities as a solid band.

Gold Dust is proof of the reason why The Dirty Youth are building such a following and being invited back to play the biggest Rock Festival to date, Download a total of three times. Kicking off with ‘I’m not listening to you’ we can gather a sense of energy that this is going to be one storm of a listen. Equally a strong lyric to carry the heavier music this Rock band know how to captivate the audience from the first introduction.

Wasting no time we fall then into the story telling tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘Just move on’ allowing fans to experience the true talents of this band in producing material that is not only catchy but also quirky, something that current Pop Rock is crying out for. Speaking of Pop Rock, this band with Gold Dust are a perfect example of how this kind of thing can work in today’s industry direction. It seems to be a popular thing and that’s exactly what you can expect to get from this album, a loyal band of followers both current fans and a new bulk.

Vocalist Danni Monroe reminds me of Paramore front girl Haley Williams, with similar vocal technique and singing abilities and I’ve been waiting for her to have her moment and with Gold Dust this finally happens. She carries the band well, each song is able to flow and tell that overall story they were aiming for. The husk in her voice makes for the Rock edge you hear throughout and drummer Freddie Green contributes to the heavy beats well.

Overall, I think this is an impressive album and for the genre they fall under I think they are doing it for the newer bands in the UK right now and setting the bar high. Finishing Gold Dust off with ‘Holding On’ I think this song is a great way to slow down the entire pace of the album and rather than go out with the cliché big number, they opted to leave a sense of subtlety that fans will be waiting for throughout. This is a personal favourite from the album and a track I believe would make a good single to show a different side to this band and who knows maybe even another tour and appearance at Download. With the right attitude and an album you cannot fault I believe this band are one to watch out for in the next coming months.

Alex Alicia Media 8/10